Survey vs Feedback – What is the Difference?

What is the difference between a Survey vs Feedback? A survey is generally a series of specific questions that are asked as part of an overall survey whereas feedback is a collection of information and is tied to specific questions rather than entire surveys. Surveys are usually pushed to the user asking for them to

iPad NPS

CSAT vs NPS Customer Satisfaction vs Net Promoter Score Do you ever have unhappy customers? You should not take that as a failure, but a great opportunity to learn. They offer a way to measure the right metrics, which is key to your business’s success, whether you are offering products or services. Anybody who is

Guest WiFi Portal Feedback – Customer Survey 📶 😁😡

Add Customer Survey on Splash Page for Guest WiFi Portal Feedback Companies that are offering WiFi for their guests and customers have a unique opportunity to capture customer feedback in real-time.  Once the guest connects on the company Guest WiFi they are redirected to what is called a Splash Page.  This is an excellent time

Email Signature Platforms to Embed Survey in Email Signature

How to Add Feedback Surveys to Email Signature OneClick Email Feedback SurveyStance allows you to embed a survey within emails to collect feedback. This 1 Click Survey is easy for customers to share feedback. Embed Survey In Email It's easy to create a survey and add it to any email signature. High Response Rates Since

Customer Thermometer Alternative 😍👍🏼

A Customer Thermometer Alternative for One Click Email Signature Surveys SurveyStance OneClick Feedback The SurveyStance feedback system is a Customer Thermometer Alternative to collecting customer and employee feedback. The One Click Feedback is easy to use and very effective. Email Signature Feedback Embed the emoji feedback survey directly within customer facing employee’s email signature Customizable

Ombea Alternative Feedback Terminal

An Ombea Alternative for Customer Feedback Terminals SurveyStance Kiosk The SurveyStance kiosk is an Ombea Alternative to collecting customer and employee feedback. The iPad based system allows for an easy to use terminal that is fully customizable. iPad & Stand Included SurveyStance provides the iPad and Locking Stand as part of the terminal kiosk. There

Why Use Inbound SMS for Grocery Store Customer Feedback

Why Grocery Stores Should Use Inbound SMS for Customer Feedback. Collecting grocery store customer feedback can be challenging.  It seems the only questions that is ever asked is “Did you find everything okay?”.  With customers being very busy and with so many grocery store options it’s imperative to continue to collect feedback from customers and

Importance Of A Customer Feedback Process

Importance Of A Customer Feedback Process For Your Company Customer feedback is crucial for any business. Feedback from your customers serves as a powerful guide that helps deliver meaningful insights. Understanding the importance of a customer feedback process really is crucial for your overall business success.  You can gain feedback in just about every component

How To Get Your Customers To Take Customer Feedback Surveys (Every Time)

Customer Feedback Surveys – Increasing Completion Rate Getting customer feedback surveys is key to growing your business. It can make the difference between delivering mediocre and excellent customer service for current and future clients. However, unless you know exactly what your customers think of your service, you can never really know what or where you

Smiley Face Survey to collect Customer Feedback

Smiley Face Survey to collect Customer Feedback What is a smiley face survey? Smiley face survey is a type of customer feedback survey where the customer can select a range of emoji faces (smiley face to angry mad face) to answer a survey question.  These types of surveys are very popular worldwide and are used